Month: May 2015

Let’s get these girls to Boston

These two ladies will leading the charge for the You Should Be Running Marathon Program.   Go Girls!! Lets see to it these ladies qualify for Boston (no pressure:) !!! I have countless marathons under my belt including ultra marathons.

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Finally a Male Not Scared Enough to Sign Up:) !

Meet Denny! Psyched to get him feeling FIT.  My name is Denny Menardi.  I’m 28 years old and am a Roxborough lifer (don’t hold that against me).   I basically grew up in the restaurant/ bar business.  I’ve been working

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 I remember the day when Suz looked at me,  like I was crazy,  for  suggesting 6 am boot camp.  Now 2 years later, Suz not only never misses a day of 6 am boot camp, but runs and work outs

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