An Interview With Shenise

Shenise5milerShenise is part of the GoalsFit Marathon Team.  She started with us in May and come November – she will officially be a marathoner.

Q. One word to describe how you are feeling training for this marathon?

A. Empowered

Q. What are some fears you have conquered 2 plus months into the training?
A.  I had a great fear of running with people who were faster than me as well as training in Roxborough. I didn’t think I had the endurance to survive the hill work and continue to hold my head up high bringing up the rear all of the time. But to be honest it has made me stronger. I think of myself chasing the elite runners and knowing that if you don’t surround yourself with greatness you don’t become great. I am still quite afraid of the mileage of 26.2 and injury.

Q. Most beneficial part of the GoalsFit- You Should be Running Marathon Program.

A.  The most beneficial part of this program is honestly the push and Kasey’s no nonsense but nurturing approach. She will push you to your limit, the place you never thought you would go. I absolutely hate running on the track, or trying to better my pace and her training program has increased my pace tremendously for me.

Q.  Biggest Motivator to keep going? “De-motivator”?

A. My biggest motivator is progress, I don’t want to lose progress. Taking off too many days sets you back and just makes things more difficult.  I have also been taking the things I learn from Kasey to others which help me to get up and out of bed at 4 am in the morning. My biggest de motivator… I don’t think I have one yet. I’m going all the way, I’m not torturing myself for nothing.

Q. What are you most proud of thus far?

A. I am proud that I make it out every week for training despite being exhausted and overcoming so many obstacles during the week.

Q.  One word to describe the anticpated feeling of crossing that finish line in November?

A.  I don’t think I have a word!! Maybe an emoji or something. Perhaps Joy! Excitement! I can’t wait-  I surely will be crying.

Hands down she will be bawling (with excitement, of course)!!! Keep up the great work and great attitude!

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