Going from Broad St to a 26.2!!!

So psyched to have Julia on board- in fact I heavily recruited her:) !   Two weeks into the program and have been super impressed with her runs already – she is it for the long haul!!!! Go Julia Go!

juliamarathonKeeping it going! Two years ago I joined Goalsfit with a positive attitude and a bad relationship with running. After spending time with the track group, I was able to achieve a lifelong goal of completing the Broad Street Run (Spring 2017).

Now, I have a new goal. I want to finish my first marathon. Honestly, I never thought I would ever be able to run a marathon but now I don’t think anything can stop me!

Although I know training will be tough, I also know I can rely on the Goals community to support me through this journey. The people in this group continue to inspire and motivate me as I surpass my own expectations.

I hope through this process to become mentally and physically stronger. I want to fall in love with running so I can lead a long, strong, healthy life. See you all on the track

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No Goals No Glory for Andrea!

Welcome back Andrea!! Andrea will add speed, discipline and diligence to the team.  She has been working super hard for the past two years and I know she has a big PR in store for her come November.

Meet Andrea:
HC 15K 2017As I rounded the Art Museum into a wall of wind during my first full marathon this past November, I knew I owed it to myself to run another. At mile 14 I realized the ‘A Goal’ of sub-4 hours was going to be incredibly difficult. I finished just under 10 minutes away from my goal, so I’m back for more. And this year, sub-4 hours will be the ‘B Goal.’ Not to mention, I really enjoyed the training. Like, really enjoyed it.
In addition to the full marathon, I have also completed 6 half marathons, 4 Broad St. Runs and 4 15k’s – all since joining the running community in 2013. I hope to become a better runner mentally (I tend to over analyze everything) and trust that I can indeed run as fast, or faster, in a race than I do in training.
I’m looking forward to being a part of the You Should Be Running group again along with some of my favorite running buddies from last year in addition to some new faces (and paces) on the team.

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Sub 4 or bust!

Lauren is STRONG & STEADY and will accomplish whatever she decides she wants to. She gets in those miles- even if it means running at 5 am ! Her consistent and strong runs worked wonders for her last year- so I am psyched to see what she can accomplish in Chicago! Go Lauren!

YSBR3This is my third year with the You Should Be Running team. I ran track in high school and dabbled a little bit with running in college and after to maintain some form of fitness. Then I got seriously injured due to improper training and was told not to run for awhile. Fast forward a few years, I was persuaded to join YSBR and take on an audacious goal of completing a marathon to get myself out of a life funk. And here I am! Three years later and still loving every Tuesday night with my friends and teammates, watching and enjoying as the team grows and evolves each year as we all encourage each other towards our next goals.
This year I am running both the Chicago marathon and the Philadelphia marathon. Yes, another audacious goal I never thought I would take on! I just love Philly so much, and I just couldn’t miss it this year! My running goals this year include completing both races, finishing one with a sub-4 hour time or at least a PR, and finding gratitude in my ability and all of the miles…and maybe convincing my husband that I am not that crazy for doing this. I hope to finish each Tuesday night with a sense of accomplishment no matter how the night went, and work towards being a better, faster, and stronger runner and human being.

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Two toddlers + a full time job and still making it look easy…

Alyssa is back for more! She made the marathon look easy last time running 6 months post baby so this time around  ( 12 months out) should be a total breeze!

AllysIMAG2685sa:  Two toddlers and a full time job and this Mommy makes it look easy.  Why am I doing this? I’m not sure. I’ve said this is my last marathon*. I signed up because I’m turning 30 this year and I really want to beat my previous time. I ran my last marathon at 6 months postpartum and I know I can beat that time. I love running and as a mom of two, sometimes it’s the only “me” time I get. The camaraderie of the YSBR group also makes the training fun. I started running with the group in 2014 when I was training for my first half. I ran that half at 13 weeks pregnant and that night I decided that I really wanted to do the marathon in 2015. I emailed Kasey a couple months later because I thought I was crazy and she was very encouraging. I never thought I’d run even one marathon and now I am coming back for more!

(* I also said that before finishing the 2015 marathon)

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No Goals No Glory for this one!

Meet Tracy:  Tracy is a GO – GETTER. I have witnessed  her accomplish many goals in the past few years, but am most excited about seeing her get this one.  Psyched to have you Tracy!

FullSizeRender-8412 years ago my dad ran his first marathon at the age of 50 and naturally this became a bucket list item for me. Fast forward to today: I’ve been running consistently for 3+ years and have completed five half-marathons, including my last one in March 2016 when I was 7 weeks pregnant. My daughter, Sara was born in October 2016 and I signed up for the You Should Be Running Marathon Program about a month later. I knew I the best way for me to achieve this life goal would be with Kasey and the YSBR crew!

Running is even more important to me now that I have a daughter. It is time dedicated to taking care of myself and I want to set an example for Sara that shows how important and enjoyable exercise can be. Plus I love the camaraderie that occurs at Tuesday Track Practice. My goal for the next several months is to follow the training plan. My main goal for my first marathon is to finish but I would love to run a 10 minute pace (or less). 🙂 We have to set goals, right?

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