Boston QT or Bust


linmillerBoston QT or bust” is my motto for the Philadelphia Marathon this November. This year I’m all about turning my dreams into reality. Graduating from hawk hill, landing a fantastic job, hopefully getting into law school…this race is just another dream on the list that I’m working to make come true! But just like graduating from undergrad and prepping for the LSAT it can’t be done without the guidance and support of others.

Hence, why I am joining the marathon team this year. With the support and guidance of Kasey and the rest of the team, I know I’ll be able to accomplish my dream!! My speedy dream that’s for sure. My goal is to knock about 45 minutes off my fastest marathon time and since this will be the third time around for 26.2 I believe it’s going to be a lucky race. The other day someone asked me “do you think you have what it takes?” in reference to my goal finishing time…to which I replied “could I go run it tomorrow? No. But I’m surely going to work for it to do what it takes.”

Running wasn’t always an interest of mine. To be quite honest I often joke that I didn’t even know what exercise was in high school, barely being able to run 1 mile. It was not until my sophomore year of college I picked it up slowly and then my second semester of junior year I met Kasey. Since then she’s given me so much support and guidance and really provided me with the confidence to continually lace up and hit the asphalt. After joining track practices for several weeks and consistently partaking in boot camps, October 2015 I was able to run my 4th half and reach my goal time thanks to Kasey and her magical track practices!

I have no doubt my experience with the You Should Be Running marathon team will help turn my dreams into my reality!!

Watch out 26.2, here we come and we’ve got GOALS!!!

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