Bringing the hubby along for the ride (or run actually) :) !


Hi! My name is Lauren, and this is my second year in the You Should Be Running Marathon Program!Tom and Lauren
I first joined the 2015 YSBR team in November of 2014 based on what a friend suggested for me and the inspiring stories from the 2014 team…before I ever met Kasey or knew what I was getting in to. I hadn’t run in a long time and never thought I’d have the desire or ability to even run a marathon. I finally met Kasey at one of her bootcamps in January 2015, and haven’t looked back since. I came to her a little broken, weak, and feeling lost. Flash forward a year later, I am 25 lbs. lighter, a little bit stronger, and a heck of a lot faster than I ever thought I would be at this point in my life. I gained a lot of confidence in myself in the past year, and finally realized that, yes, I can do things that I set my mind to and work hard for. Sometimes, all it takes is a long run, a great team, and a giant leap of faith to get you moving in the right direction.
This year, I am also bringing my husband along for the ride. He was my biggest supporter last year when many others doubted me (including myself), and was by my side on his bike on my best and worst runs. Other team members can attest to his constant vigilance for people to take water from him on Forbidden Drive so no one would fall over from dehydration on the hot summer runs. I’m excited for him to prove to himself that he can do this too…and maybe catch the fun running-bug that I now have. 🙂

After seeing my wife put in the hard work and achieve her goal last year of finishing the marathon, I was motivated to give it a try. I travel a lot for work, and training for the marathon will be something I can do no matter which country I am in. I got my broad street run practice in Spain and Croatia, and will keep it up over the next few months wherever I am.

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