FLOWER POWER – Meet Lauren and Bethany Flowers – sisters training for the Philly Marathon!

FullSizeRender-90Time to get to know Lauren and Bethany a little bit better and see what they have been up to the past 2 months.  I recruited these sisters to join the marathon program, because as you all know, I love working with beginners and those that think they “hate” running!!!  Lauren and Bethany are sisters and joined GoalsFit boot camp for the first time in April for a 4 week fitness challenge.  They did great with that so I  figured I might as well try to keep them on board the next few months and see what they could accomplish.

2 months into the program:  They went from ZERO MILES ( in fact they were not able to complete a lap around the track) and are now up to 6 MILES!!!!  They went to from looking scared of the track to actually smiling when they show up at track (and of course smiling more when they are leaving- ha). They went from straying away from the pain of speed work to dare I say embracing it!!! Looking forward to seeing what the next 4 month and 20 miles 🙂 has in store! Go Girls Go!

1) 2 months into the program – what are your thoughts?
Lauren – It’s been refreshing and encouraging to feel ourselves getting better and stronger. Things I didn’t think I could do – like run 3-4 miles- I’m now doing a few times a week.
Bethany – I feel like I am starting to really achieve something. I am so thankful I am doing this with Lauren; there is no way I would have done this on my own.

2) Biggest obstacle thus far?
Bethany: Running first thing in the morning. I feel like my body actively works against me with every step; but the marathon is a first thing in the morning event, so I am working on that.
Lauren: I just want to get faster and I get frustrated with myself. Regularly we check each other and remind ourselves how far we’re coming in such a short time.

3) Most encouraging moment so far ? Most discouraging moment ?
Bethany – The most encouraging moment is every time an advanced runner says “good job” or “stick with it”. We are barely breathing so we don’t get to respond, but that means the world to us!!
Lauren – Also, when everyone cheered as we passed the finish line at the 5k felt really good.
Bethany – The most discouraging thing is when I feel strong, my breathing is paced, and mentally I’m like ‘I got this’ but my legs are so sore and slowing me down.
Lauren – The most discouraging thing is wanting to do more or go faster, and not being able to sustain it for very long. I’m blaming the heat for now…

4) How do you get through your long runs?
Unison – Barely, but together.
We also like to remind ourselves of our first week running. We couldn’t run for two consecutive minutes….that’ll make you feel good enough to keep going.

5) Most helpful piece of advice you have been given so far? And most helpful piece of advice you have to give?
Bethany – Not to wear cotton. (Thank you, Lauren Counterman!)
Lauren- I was relieved to hear from others that the first 30-40 minutes of their runs suck too, and we all just have to push through. My advice would be to start out running with a friend or sister! The commitment of doing this together is what’s making me always show up and put forth my best.

6) One word to describe the feeling when you are done with your LONG RUN for the week!
Bethany – damn.
Lauren- FINALLY.

7) ) One word to describe the feeling you get when thinking about running 26.2?
AAHHHH! (a scared ‘ah’ and an excited ‘ah’)


You got this girls!! Don’t give up!

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