Get Ready!!!


One day prior to learning about this program,  I decided to register for the Philadelphia Marathon through Back on My Feet in order to raise money for an awesome cause and to over come my fear of running a full marathon. I’ve been running for about 4 years with Black Girls Run a running group that has been life changing. I’ve run 6 half marathons and 4 Broad Street Runs each time in awe because I remember when running a mile was impossible for me and I was over 300 pounds.

image1-4About 2 years ago I reached a plateau in my weight loss where I yo yo-ed back and forth gaining and sometimes losing but still working out and running. I wanted so badly to complete a marathon but I believed the extra weight would kill my knees. I vouched that if I lose the additional 40 pounds I would go for it. Well in the month of June 2015 I walked into Hot Yoga at Grace and Glory Power Yoga Studio and met the amazing Erin who challenged me…I also began seeing a nutritionist in September 2015, the both of them aiding me to total in 60 pounds of weight loss and overall better health. I continue to practice Hot Yoga and see my nutritionist monthly. I also enjoy spinning and Zumba and other boot camp type workouts I can find.

This program will help me finally meet my goals and overcome a huge fear of mine. I refuse to back down in fear from anything. I believe that this program is a blessing from God because Erin had no idea when she was talking to you that one day prior I had taken the plunge and just registered through a special cause to keep me accountable ( for the Philadelphia Marathon).

I am sure I will be an inspiration to my two boys and many of my BGR sisters who have seen my growth and development and have heard of my registration to the Philadelphia Marathon. During my early am runs with the girls I can take many of the things I learn with you to help them.

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