Psyched to have these GoalDiggers on board.  They have been coming to Lloyd Hall boot camp for the past year now.  And let me tell you- when they have a mission in mind- they are NO JOKE!!! They will be sure to bring a lot of fun, determination , positivity and strength to the team.  Welcome girls!

PC1Megan: My running history isn’t too long I ran my first race last September the global energy 10k and have went from there hitting my longest run last weekend at Broad Street! My goal is to run the full marathon and commit fully to the training program. I’m looking to get more of a plan for running and getting up to the 26.2 I think the biggest challenge I’ll face will be running on my own and being my own accountability, so with the program I know I’ll have other people doing the same thing and we’ll all be in it together. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get started!

Colleen: Running history: cross country runner in high school, took a break in college, started running again post grad. I’ve ran three half marathons leaving my last with a 2:09 PR. Three broad streets and numerous small races.Goals: To run longer than 13 miles without hip issues or injuries. To complete first marathon.Time to finish full marathon: below 5 hours



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