I find my favorite clients in coffee shops….Meet Emily!!!

Hi I’m Emily!

I first caught the running and race bug after a friend convinced me to tackle Broad EmilyHStreet with her in 2008 (it totally was not all downhill like she claimed). I was hooked and continued to run, completing a number of races and two full marathons. I got a slight bit burned out and took a running hiatus. Shortly thereafter, I became pretty ill, and found myself unable to even walk up the steps without being short of breath.

I ran into Kasey in a coffee shop towards the end of my treatment. Her positive spirit and encouraging ways have kept me coming back in the year since I stopped treatment. This spring I joined the Broad Street crew, but had a day I wasn’t most proud of. I’d love to continue getting faster, better, and stronger (Kanye, anyone?) by working on my stride and pacing. I would love to work on my strength training and speed work, too, and have set goals to finally run a sub-2 hour half and look for a 4-hour finish on race day. Thanks to all of you for motivating me to be faster and stronger!

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