“I’m never f****ing doing this again!”

MarkĀ IMG950753

I’m Mark, a married 36-year-old father of three, and proud alum of the inaugural YSBR class (2013).

At mile 16 or 17 of the 2013 Philadelphia Marathon I told myself “I’m never f***ing doing this again!” Since then I’ve run a myriad of half marathons,10K’s and a couple Broad Streets. But none of those races provided the journey and fulfillment of training for 26.2 miles of hell. So I’m back.

I’m also motivated by some regret that I left a little bit out there in 2013 and could’ve worked harder and run a better race. I was a complete novice back then and probably being too hard on myself but simply wasn’t happy how I ran that day.

Lastly I’m running for my beautiful kids Lucy, Ellis and Barrett. I want them to be active and healthy in their own lives so what better way to motivate them than for them to see their old man busting his ass.

04:30:00 or BUST!!!!

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