Interview with Krista: This one is a tear jerker!

kristajackMeet Krista:  Down 21 lbs, loving running, making friends ,  and making her Mom, friends ,  and family so proud!!

COACH K:   What inspired you to sign up for this program?   I’d be lying if I said my reasons weren’t superficial at first. I had struggled with my weight my entire life and topped my scale at close to 230 pounds.  Throughout my twenties I lost weight and ultimately reached my goal of 135 pounds.  Then I got pregnant and while I was overjoyed when Grayson arrived, I also immediately began thinking about how I was going to get the baby weight off.  A few weeks after I had him I was training with Juliet Stabler, my spin instructor turned great friend, and she told me about the program.  The fact that she truly believed that I could run 26.2 miles really moved me and encouraged me. I am so glad I did say yes because with each run I am becoming the fit mother I had hoped to be. This is the 11th week of the program and I am down 21 pounds!

 Coach K:  Is their anything that constantly runs through your mind, when you are running? If so, Does this encourage or discourage you?   
Boy is there!  When I first started running I would always think  about my to do list or what I had to do after which was usually followed by self doubting “How am I ever going to run 26 miles” “My legs feel like cement”  “So and so is so much faster then me, what’s the point”.   Then I started running with Jackie Serra which helped me get out of that mind space and into a more positive one.  During one of our first runs together I shared with Jackie that my mom passed away 4 years ago. She encouraged me to think about my mom during my runs and it helped.  I mostly think about how my mom battled cancer for a year so she could make it to my wedding and walk me down the isle (she passed away two weeks later).  If she could do that, there is no way I am giving up at this.  I guess in a way I am doing this for my mom as much as I am doing it for my son and for myself.
Coach K: What is your favorite thing about training so far and the least favorite thing?
My favorite thing about training so far is watching my mileage go up.  Every time I run one more mile I get a rush.   I have also really enjoyed getting to know the other people in the program.  Everyone is so friendly and encouraging.  I feel a real sense of camaraderie.
My least favorite thing about training is running on the “dreadmill” aka the treadmill.  Which is ironic because before I joined this program I only really ran on the treadmill and actually preferred it.  I have grown really accustomed to running with a partner or group so sometimes doing the homework runs on my own is rough.
Coach K:  How do you juggle work, kids, and running? Any tips for other moms that may want to train for a marathon?
Some days it really is a struggle, especially when he was much younger (3 months versus 5 months) and I felt like I constantly needed to keep an eye on him (he is my first and I was probably a little over protective).  But I made this program a priority, which in a sense was making ME a priority.   All day long I am a wife, sister, employee, mom….but this, this is for me.  And right now I have to be ok with it being one of the few things I do for me because it’s totally worth it.  I’ve sacrificed other things (down time, the real housewives, some social events) so I could commit to this.    It helps to have a plan in advance for your runs.   I try to have my workout/running calendar firmed up two weeks in advance if not a month.  Communication with the hubs is key and also finding a partner to run with so you hold each other accountable.  And now that Grayson is big enough he comes on some runs with me in his jogging stroller.  Mostly, don’t feel guilty or stressed out about juggling everything and be really real with yourself because you can come up with every excuse in the book not to do it.  But juggling things is doable.  Heck, it’s life!
Coach K:  Favorite song to run to? 
I am currently playing out both Airborne Toxic Event Albums.  “All at Once” “Wishing Well” and “Innocence” are all really good songs by them to run too.  Also Ellie Goulding “Anything Can Happen” is a good song to play sporadically when you feel like giving up.
Coach K:  Any comments from friends or family that have inspired you along the way with your training?
I’ve always been more into yoga but have a lot of friends who run.   They have been so supportive and excited for me.  It’s nice to hear people who have been doing this for a while compliment my pace or my distance.   My sisters often tell me how proud my mom would be of me.  And my husband is constantly saying how impressed he is and how hot I am post runs 😉 LOL
Coach K:  Anything else you would like to add?
Every November we do the Free to Breathe 5K in honor of my mom.  I am so excited to see what my time will be this year!
Thanks Krista and so excited for you to cross that finish line in November.  I could cry thinking about it:)!

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