Meet Aaron, Cheer for Aaron, Bother Aaron to do this homework and RUN!!!

imageAaron Robinson was once a stellar athlete, excelling in both football and basketball. Robinson played collegiate football and basketball and had a promising future in both sports. Unfortunately Aaron suffered several career ending injuries including a torn ACL, torn Meniscus and surgery on his Achilles. This led to Robinson gaining a vast amount of weight over the years, as he exercised less and fell in love with eating. Before he knew it, he was no longer the athlete he once was and found himself out of shape. Aaron always had an interest in his health however and often visited specialist and health gurus and has dabbled in the vegetarian lifestyle. Often plagued by fast food and the mind set that he couldn’t workout as before, Aaron would often let unhealthy eating habits win him over. With his health always on his mind as well as a recent diagnosis of Gout, he has decided that embarking on a journey to good health is imperative. As he looks in the eyes of his four young sons and loving girlfriend, he has made the choice to get back to the healthy lifestyle he once knew, he has made the choice to live.
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