Mommy To A (3rd time) Marathoner!

jul& ceceShe’sssssss back, well in fact, she never really left. Being 7 months pregnant didn’t stop Julie from running the Philly Half last year, and having an infant, CeCe (isn’t she just the cutest thing ever?) didn’t stop her from training for this years Chicago Marathon. Quite impressive to say the least!!! Oh and I forgot to mention, in her spare time 🙂 , she runs a wonderful, fantastic , super well liked Spin & Barre Studio. Good luck to Julie this weekend as she takes on the Chicago Marathon 8 months post baby. Way to stay in the game, work with your different schedules and get those runs in!! Enjoy the run and enjoy the deep dish pizza!

1) Mantra for this upcoming marathon
“You get what you focus on.”

2) What number marathon for each ?
This is my 3rd marathon!

3) Particular goals ?
I’ve been kind of tough on myself this running season and I’ve set the bar pretty low for myself. At first it was finish in 5 hours, but after finally getting out of my head the last few weeks, I feel confident that I will run a consistently paced race and my goal is 4 hours and some change.
It all depends on the race day though so I would say I’m just happy to be running again this year!

4) What are you looking forward to most in this experience?
I’m really excited to run a whole new course. It will be really fun to see new sights. I love running Kelly drive but I also feel like I know every – single – crack and bump on that route. A change up will be great to keep my Mind busy.

And of course I’m looking forward to Pizza! I’ve been talking about deep dish pizza since I entered the Chicago lottery last year and still haven’t stopped thinking about it.

5) And feel free to share anything else:)
I think it’s really cool having some teammates in the same city running the same marathon. We always run together in philly races but to see how many are headed to Chicago is really awesome to me!

And huge thank you to Kasey. She has been coaching me through the ups and downs of running so much this year and last. When I get stuck in my head, she’s always there to help figure out a different way to get the job done!

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