Running for two!

Interview with Julie Stabler:  This is the third year in a row Julie has taken part in the You Should Be Running Program.  Although this year, slightly different than past years.

fullsizerender-701) This is your 3rd year in a row – why do you keep coming back for more “track practice torture ” ?
Around 330 every Tuesday the “Tuesday track terrors” set in for me and then I usually call Karl about 4 times saying “I think I’m sick” “I think it’s best if I stay home” and any excuse I can make but I make sure to get my butt up and go to every single practice.
I like to come because even though I’m slower than I’ve ever been, track (and running in general) is the only workout where my head clears completely. My brain moves at a 100 miles a minute but when I’m running, it just clears and I feel calm.
Also, it’s only 1 hour of my day and love seeing my watch at the end of practice how many miles we hit within the hour. It just feels nice saying to myself “I just had a 4 or 5 Mile long practice”
2) How this year different from past years?
Well where should we start!
I found out I was pregnant a few days before track started and knew this would be a challenge. Kasey was probably the 2nd person I told and after our first timed mile she said “yea you’re gonna have to get that sprinting out of your system now.” I had to get just 1 more timed mile time in the low 6-minute range to see if i still had it.I like being fast and I have a few teammates that I love to chase down (sorry Andrea. I’m coming for you next year), but I started to notice how hard it was to breathe and how much more energy it took to get my legs moving at a pace I wanted.
I told myself that I’m just going to follow the schedule and take this year as a conditioning year and just finish.
My goal was to qualify for the Boston marathon this year because I finally thought I had pacing myself down but my teammate Lauren told me “goals change” and I’ve taken that and really thought a ton on it.It’s also made me appreciate that I have the ability to run and when no one wants to come on a long run with me, CeCe has to regardless haha.
3) How has running and this program in general helped your pregnancy ?
It’s been amazing because I’ve had a lot of anxiety knowing I don’t have much control over things anymore. I really, really like control and running has helped me clear my head a ton.Running also has helped me keep up my love for cardio. Spin has become a challenge because of how short I am – the pedal movements cause a lot of pressure inside that I don’t feel with running.I’ll be a little more than 7.5 months pregnant on marathon day (I’ve backed down to the half) and of course I have to set a goal for myself so I feel good knowing that I’ve trained for 6 months at long distances. My goal is to beat the time I got in the Rock and roll half this year.

4) How is being on the team as a “soon to be mom” different from past years ?In the past years, I’ve only ever stuck with a smaller group of people. I didn’t have to lag behind and would always be way up front trying to beat the person in front of me. This year, I’ve had to slow down, I get passed by everyone but I laugh about it now. I’ve gotten to know almost everyone on the team this year and have been able to either start or finish with all different groups.
I’ve seen a ton of people that started with me in group 2 get faster and faster every week and when someone feels down on themselves I’ve said to them “trust me, I’m behind everyone every week and you have picked up the pace so much.”
I like to joke that I’m the only one who regresses each week and just keeps gaining more weight but I’m really just so happy coming to run with everyone.
5) Coming back next year ?
100%. I hate the winter weather but already have on the books to join on for the winter track program to prep for year 4 of marathon training.
Karl knows how important track is to me and we’ve already worked out our childcare schedule for Tuesday’s starting in February. I’m really looking forward to it!
And in 4 years plan for me to show up to the super girl striders!
Of all the years participating this has been the best so far. I hope everyone decides to come back next year!

At this point , the program would not be the same without Julie – so she stands no chance of leaving us !

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