She’s Back At It!!!

Welcome Back Julie & CeCe!!!:) I am looking forward to seeing you tear up the track again.  Watch out gang- she is looking fit as a fiddle and is going to give you all a run for your money.

jj17This is my forth year returning to you should be running and I think I’m in for my most challenging one, but I’m looking forward to seeing the progress.

The first two years I worked really hard to learn how to control my speed and realize that you can’t sprint a whole marathon.
I was convinced that last year was the year for me to finally run a 3:34 marathon but I found out I was pregnant with Cecilia and knew that wasn’t possible as much as I wanted to to be.

After having a “come to jesus” meeting with myself and being on with the fact that goals can change, I decided I was going to train through my pregnancy for the half marathon.
I ended up reaching that goal and ran the rock and roll at 20 weeks pregnant and the Philly half at 32 weeks pregnant. I was so happy I was able to run the whole time and the team was so incredibly nice to me.

I’m back this year with my goals of gaining my speed back and will run Chicago in October and Philly in November.
I’m not sure when I will qualify for Boston but know it’s in my cards one of these days. Maybe this year and if not, expect to see me back at it next year! I’m just really excited to run with my new running partner, CeCe, with hopes she grows up loving running as much as me.

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