I heavily recruited these two “sissy’s” so I will be heavily recruiting all Goals supporters to help cheer on , motivate and keep these sisters running.  I am goping their progress will inspires other “sissy’s” to run:)  Thanks for joining ladies!

lbBethany Flowers & Lauren Flowers Murphy:
We are sisters, best friends, and Manayunk residents. We are dog mamas, coffee connoisseurs, and laughter is our favorite cardio.

After making a few other lifestyle changes, we are excited for the next challenging mile ahead… Or 26 of them! While we are scared of being trampled, we know this is going to be a memorable journey that will leave us feeling proud, sweaty, and strong.

We are sisters, and we’ve been sissy’s about running, so tune in to #sissyrunners coming to the Philadelphia Marathon 2017.

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