Sub 4 or bust!

Lauren is STRONG & STEADY and will accomplish whatever she decides she wants to. She gets in those miles- even if it means running at 5 am ! Her consistent and strong runs worked wonders for her last year- so I am psyched to see what she can accomplish in Chicago! Go Lauren!

YSBR3This is my third year with the You Should Be Running team. I ran track in high school and dabbled a little bit with running in college and after to maintain some form of fitness. Then I got seriously injured due to improper training and was told not to run for awhile. Fast forward a few years, I was persuaded to join YSBR and take on an audacious goal of completing a marathon to get myself out of a life funk. And here I am! Three years later and still loving every Tuesday night with my friends and teammates, watching and enjoying as the team grows and evolves each year as we all encourage each other towards our next goals.
This year I am running both the Chicago marathon and the Philadelphia marathon. Yes, another audacious goal I never thought I would take on! I just love Philly so much, and I just couldn’t miss it this year! My running goals this year include completing both races, finishing one with a sub-4 hour time or at least a PR, and finding gratitude in my ability and all of the miles…and maybe convincing my husband that I am not that crazy for doing this. I hope to finish each Tuesday night with a sense of accomplishment no matter how the night went, and work towards being a better, faster, and stronger runner and human being.

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